Warm, Wet, Warm = Weeds

Another great British summer nears its end and once again we have had huge variations in the weather with wet days, dry days and hot days and this year it seems that the whole country has been treated equally to every different weather type sometimes all in one day!

Reductions in budgets, limited choice of sprays and weather has resulted in an unprecedented amount of weeds on our streets, amenity areas and just about everywhere else. It may also provoke the question, has the reduction in frequency of mowing caused more weed growth as the weeds and plants in the grass have gone to seed and then blown into every crevice and corner. When we reach this stage, there is absolutely no point in simply spraying as by the time the first weeds are dying the next lot are growing through the accumulated detritus.

The only solution is to remove the growth but how? In some cases a sweeper can be used but generally the brushes will only remove the smaller build up and a manual alternative is required. This is where our Nimos range of pedestrian controlled weedrippers can bridge that gap and can greatly increase efficiency and create an immediate visual effect. It is true that the weeds will come back but if you remove the detritus bed that the weeds form in then it will take a good deal longer for that weed bed to re-establish itself which is easier to control by spraying. The Nimos range can cope with most eventualities from cutting back overgrown pathways to removing moss growth from drying areas and even algae on wet pour children’s play parks. Take a look at the video link below or contact us at sales@overton-uk.co.uk for a demonstration.