Surprising Vibrations

Pleasant surprises can come when you least expect them, we always thought our weedrippers performed very well in the vibration figures. During a routine visit to a Local Authority last week I happened to call at the same time as the in house Health & Safety officers who were checking HAV’s on various machines. It also just happened that the person I was visiting wanted a little refresher course on the operation of our Nimos Mosquito Weedripper. Unsurprisingly upon hearing a bit of a commotion and another engine noise, the H&S people were keen to look at the HAV’s on said machine. I duly produced our certificate with the information clearly marked and explained that we have all of our equipment indepenently tested by a vibration specialist company and the figures were 6.70m/s, this obviously cut no ice and out came the cable ties and wires etc. Imagine all of our surprise as having checked twice we recorded a figure of 5.52m/s. over all one point lower than the figures we provide. It proves that you cannot beat having everything independently tested by a reputable company, and everyone goes away satisfied knowing the well being of the Operator is safe in their hands, quite literally.