Saltex 2017

As the month slips quickly by we take a minute to look back to the first 2 days of November when we were meeting customers, friends and associates at the SALTEX exhibition. This was the third year of the IOG’s event in its current format and as many of the industry publications have alluded to, it really seems to have found its place.

From our point of view the first day was busy from the start, from 9.02am we were all gainfully employed on our stand and it would be almost 3pm before a breath was taken.

It was easy to see this year that battery operated machinery is firmly established in the UK and is moving from strength to strength. This was evident with our range of Mean Green Mowers, the first range of heavy duty commercial electric mowers in the UK. We have suffered with non believers in the past three years but, as the signs say, they WILL mow grass for 7 hours, and over the last three years of demonstrations this has been proven to many customers who are looking to go forward with our mowers.

Clean air acts, carcinogenic fumes, fuel costs, noise pollution, high service costs coupled with downtime and hand arm vibrations have all combined to bring the Mean Green range to the forefront. We have demonstrations booked right up to the week before Christmas as so many are keen to see for themselves.

This year we had two exhibition stands with our WeedRipper range moving over to a position directly opposite our main location; this was to recognise the ever increasing interest in mechanical weed control. Our range of NIMOS WeedRippers has been at the forefront of this for many years and remains the most effective and operator friendly brand in the marketplace.

To summarise, SALTEX is still the place to see new equipment, meet suppliers and get new ideas, we look forward to seeing new and existing customers at SALTEX 2018.