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The Mosquito by Nimos is a pedestrian controlled Weed Ripper, ideal for back edges, pathways etc and can also be used with alternative brushes for removal of moss etc on block paving and other sensitive surfaces.

The Mosquito has the benefit in that it removes detritus as well as weeds, so removing the bed in which new weeds will grow, it also gives an instantaneous effect in that weeds are gone rather than dying and remaining in-situ as with spraying.

Powered by a Honda 5.5hp engine running on unleaded petrol, it proves to be an efficient, economic and environmentally friendly way of cutting out/back weeds, grass and moss from hard surfaces e.g., curbs, slabs, concrete slipways and paving without surface damage, giving an immediate visual effect.

Available with optional brushes for different surfaces.

Mosquito c/w Fine Brush

The Mosquito c/w fine metal brush is the ideal machine for cleaning moss from block paving, tarmac etc. Running at a low speed this machine causes minimal disruption to the more sensitive areas and is very effective at cleaning block paving etc from both large and small areas without the need for re sanding. It also removes moss from tarmac without disturbing the surface and is good for some back edges and kerb sides where weed growth isn’t huge. Please click the link below to see the video

Mosquito HA

The Nimos Mosquito HA is the bigger, more powerful version of the ever popular Mosquito with Hydraulic drive as standard. The brush rotates both ways and the speed can be adjusted to suit any job yet still retains the ability to be angled. The wheels are also hydraulically driven and can the speed can again be adjusted to suit the job, operator or both.

The Mosquito HA comes with the new Nimos Combination Brush as standard and works very effectively by both brushing and cleaning in one pass.

Nesbo UK-125 Weedripper

The Nesbo UK-125 is a pedestrian controlled weed brush which is ideal for removing moss and lighter weeds from areas of block paving, tarmac and concrete. Powered by a 5.5Hp Briggs & Stratton OHV unleaded petrol engine, the adjustable flat steel brushes are soft enough to be used on sensitive surfaces yet strong enough to remove stubborn weeds from most hard surfaces.

The UK-125 benefits from very low Hand Arm Vibrations (HAV’s) for a machine of this type, with the independently tested results giving a full working day in most cases. It also comes with a fully folding handle allowing for easier storage and transportation.

Available with an optional heavy duty brush set.

DM-Trac OKB-110

A multi purpose articulated implement carrier which is used for mechanical weed control and cutting back of road edges and verges.  Ideal for motorway verges, causeways and expansive areas where continual cutting of weeds is necessary.

This is the ultimate in mechanical weed ripping technology.

This versatile machine has 4-wheel drive and pivot steering powered by the latest Yanmar diesel engines.

Many optional operator/cab accessories are available.

Porter OKB-4

The Porter OKB-4 is a self propelled hydraulically driven implement carrier which can be fitted with the mechanical weed ripper, it can be specified as a three or four wheel variant and is ideal for roads and large open areas.

It has the same benefits in that the brush is instantaneous in removing weeds and a skilled operator can clear large ares quickly and efficiently.

This machine has a great deal of operator comfort and there are many optional extras to make life easier and more comfortable.

The brush can operate in either direction and speed can also be altered easily, there are several options on the controls allowing a perfect finish at the operators fingertips.


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