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Vacuum Litter Collectors

BP-75-HV & BP-125-HV

The BP-75-HV model is a lightweight yet sturdy Backpack mounted litter collector c/w a 75mm diameter vacuum unit powered by a Husqvarna 2- Stroke petrol engine complete with a catalytic converter.   It is ideal for areas with limited access and is well being suitable for picking up small material such as cigarette related litter, confectionery litter and broken glass.

The BP-75-HV weighs only 10kgs when empty and gives good performance in terms of suction and efficiency.  Litter does not pass through the impeller but goes straight into the bin while only very small material and dust gets into the filter bag.


The compact pedestrian 120-75-HV vacuum litter collector is ideal for quick response clean-ups as well as cleaning confined and awkward areas which cannot be accessed with mechanical sweepers.  The litter does not have to pass through an impeller allowing broken glass to be collected. Click on link below to view video

With a 75mm suction hose, and weighing only 19kgs when empty, the 120-litre container holds general litter or dog faeces.

An optional liner is available for use with plastic bags.

It is a general purpose machine with a wide variety of applications, popular with local authorities as well as parks, hospitals and even such establishments as wedding venues and hotels.

SB2C-75 Crook Handled Street Barrow c/w Vacuum

The revolutionary crook handled (Registered Design) street orderly barrow comes complete with steerable braked front castors as standard which combined with the crook handles means the barrow rarely needs to be lifted and can be moved through the streets with ease. Large diameter wheels c/w roller bearings give increased longevity and better ground clearance as well as making the barrow much easier to push. The unique shovel mounting position saves time and energy and can be used by a left or right handed person.  This barrow can be easily retro fitted with a vacuum if required.

The opening front gate allows easy access to bins, while an integral handle set into the base of the bin aids manual handling. The one piece moulded plastic bin handle is both strong and also warm to the touch in the winter. The optional dead mans handle brake system is an innovative design which is especially suited to gradients.  This barrow is considered by many to be the safest street orderly barrow on today’s market.


The compact pedestrian 120-125-HV vacuum litter collector is an ideal machine for schools and colleges etc as well as cleaning confined and awkward areas which cannot accessed with mechanical sweepers.  The 125mm hose allows plastic bottles, food packaging, drink cans and leaves to be easily collected. Please click on link below to view video.

Weighing only 19kgs when empty, the 120-litre container holds general litter and the wide wheels allow access across grassed areas and even up and down steps.

An optional liner is available for use with plastic bags.


The 240-125-HV2 pedestrian vacuum litter collector is fitted with a powerful Husqvarna engine, a 125mm suction hose, 240-litre wheeled bin which weighs only 32kgs when empty.  It is a general purpose machine equally at home in schools, colleges and universities as well as on the streets and in retail parks. It will collect a wide variety of litter from the smallest cigarette related litter to food packaging, leaves and even empty glass bottles and broken glass. Please click on link to view video.

The machine comes complete with large wheels for added stability and has the option of a liner to allow litter to be bagged.

An optional wheeled frame is available to provide ease of operation.


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