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NIMOS Transporters


The Nimos Mi-Nitrac 1.2 is a versatile well engineered transporter with a 1.2 tonne capacity c/w three way tipping. This is an ideal machine for cemeteries, parks & gardens etc where payload and durability are a must.

The Mi-Nitrac is powered by a mid mounted 3 cylinder 24hp Yanmar diesel engine, driving through independent wheel motors and power steering. The driver options range from an open single seat platform through to a double seated fully glazed comfort cab c/w heater. All options now allow walk through access and low entry. The transporter retains a pivoting front axle allowing difficult terrain to be accessed and a range of implements and options are available for use with it.


The Mi-Nitrac 1.4E is a versatile transporter with a 1.4 ton capacity which is powered by an electric motor. Advances in technology have given this machine a very competitive battery life and also made it a much quieter option than the diesel option. This machine finds its niche in those areas where noise is key and also gives a greener image. It is ideal for cemeteries, hospitals, parks and gardens where payload, durability and the environment really matter.

The electric version retains all of the benefits of the standard Mi-Nitracs with 3 way tipping and a large capacity, the drivers platform comes with a single seat as standard although two seats are an option, and the low access point makes mounting and dismounting very easy. The machine is very easy to control and can travel equally well forward and reverse.


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