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Commercial Leaf Loaders


The new Terrier T-7 Vacuum leaf loader uses the tried and tested formula of the Terrier T-9 but uses a slightly smaller 7HP Vanguard petrol engine, this gives it the benefit of being a more compact and lighter unit and is supplied with a 6 inch (150mm) diameter wander hose. The T-7 has a CFM rating of  2600ft³ per minute (73.6m³ per minute) This is an approximate figure during normal working conditions.

The T-7 has a set of 3 chopping blades as opposed to the 4 blades in the standard T-9, and fits to the vehicle in exactly the same way as the T-9 and also has the same robust design as the T-9. This machine is targeted at Local Authorities contractors, estates and universities etc.


The Terrier T-10 is a heavy duty truck mounted leaf loader which mounts via a simple hook mounting system to the rear of a caged vehicle. The machine is powered by a Vanguard 9hp petrol engine and comes complete with a 5m 200mm diameter wander hose. The T-10 has a CFM rating of 3,325ft³ per minute (94.1m³ per minute) This is an approximate figure during normal working conditions.

The chopping blades provide a mulching effect which reduces leaves by up to 5:1.  The snail shell design and the fact that the blades keep the leaves/litter moving significantly reduces the amount of blockages caused by wet leaves.  This machine is equally at home with litter and is ideal for cleaning up after events, in parks and also on roadside verges.

LawnShark ES32

The LawnShark ES32 2-Stage Sweeper Vacuum for leaves and thatch combines an industry leading brush and vacuum operation. With the Sweep-Up Deck Design and rotating paddle brush sweeping action it ensures that leaves or debris are brushed into the vacuum head. The 6-blade thrasher teeth impeller significantly reduces leaf volume and the brushwood thrasher helps to maintain a continuous airflow. The collection bag has the capacity equal to 20 bushels of reduced leaves which decreases bagging cycles. Power is from either a 10.5HP B/S or 10.2HP Honda engine and the drive system is a 6-forward and 1-reverse gearbox. The ES32 is designed with accessibility in mind for professional-grade jobs requiring high performance in difficult and tight areas, with the ability to enter 36″ gated properties, eliminate raking leaves in tough-to-reach areas.

There are optional thatching brushes available.


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