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Beach Cleaners

Barber Surf Rake 600HD

At 1,724 kilos, the 600HD is H. Barber & Sons’ largest SURF RAKE beach cleaner. It has been successfully used in a variety of municipal applications. Cleaning up to seven acres an hour with its 1.83m wide conveyor, the 600HD has the greatest cleaning capacity of any beach cleaner. The 1.5 cubic metre hopper can lift up to 1,678 kilos of material and dump its contents hydraulically from a height of 2.44m.

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Barber Surf Rake 400HD

The model 400HD is an excellent choice for resorts, hotels and lakeshore communities.

At 1,225 kilos, it is H. Barber & Sons’ moderate-size SURF RAKE. The 400HD beach cleaner is equipped with a one cubic yard hopper which will lift 1,089 kilos of debris to a dumping height of eight feet.

This mid-size model uses the same heavy-duty conveyor and dump components as the 600HD. The 400HD can clean up to four acres per hour.

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Barber Surf Rake 400

Similar to the model 400HD, the model 400 is the smallest SURF RAKE. It weighs 862 kilos and can lift up to 907 kilos in its 0.6 cubic metre hopper.

Its hydraulic dump discards material neatly on the ground. Within one hour, the model 400 beach cleaner can effectively clean up to three acres.

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The Ondina is a pedestrian controlled beach cleaner ideal for smaller beaches and in areas where the larger machines cannot access, it is also ideal for sand play areas in parks and the cleaning and maintenance of bunkers on golf courses.

The Ondina is powered by a Honda petrol engine and sifts the sand allowing litter to be deposited in the hopper at the rear while the sand goes back onto the floor. There are a choice of mesh sizes available to accommodate different sand. The machine has two speeds, forward and reverse.

Barber Sandman 850

The Sandman has been introduced to clean beaches where conventional tractors and beach cleaners cannot operate or where access is very limited; underneath piers, around beach amusements and furniture.

The Sandman elevates the sand onto a vibrating screen that separates broken glass, plastic, cigarette ends, bottle tops, stones etc into the hopper whilst returning the sand back onto the beach.

The Sandman is lightweight and maneuverable, aided by independent brakes on each wheel and a differential lock to assist in soft sand conditions.

The Sandman power unit has a reliable and quiet 5.5HP Honda petrol engine with high flotation rubber tires that provide excellent traction in sand but will not harm grass or paved surfaces.


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