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Fuel costs are rising

We are seeing fuel price rises with both petrol and diesel, it is almost 10p per litre more now than at the end of April making a gallon/5 litre can 50p more expensive than a month ago.  Not a lot you may think, indeed what does 50p buy in today’s world, however if you add that to the £6 it was already costing to fill a can, that is a significant increase.  Ten litres per day is an extra £1, five days per week is an extra £5 and over 32 weeks cutting season that is an extra £160.00 on top of costs budgeted for the pre-season.

The costs don’t stop with fuel as a commercial or domestic mower will require maintenance throughout the season, most likely drive belts and the cost of down time.  This is generally a cost Local Authorities and Contractors have to bear, however when a contract has been awarded, usually a price element has been involved and in a competitive market, it is then very difficult to go back to the client and explain that the numbers aren’t adding up due to fuel costs rising, that is most definitely your problem!

One solution is the growing acceptance of battery powered equipment including the Mean Green Range of lithium-ion battery operated mowers. Operating a Mean Green mower, you have far less regular service items, no broken belts, no split oil pipes or hose fittings as there are no hydraulics and most importantly the cost of electric is far cheaper and cleaner than petrol or diesel. One of our Local Authority customers has calculated that their Mean Green mowers are costing approximately 25p per day to charge.  Apart from lower maintenance and running costs the Mean Green mowers have extremely low Hand-Arm and Whole-Body vibration values / limits and Safety Data Sheets commissioned by an independent specialist company are available.

A Mean Green commercial electric mower is a larger initial investment than the equivalent petrol or diesel mowers, however the cost of ownership over a five-year period is proving to be a much more attractive prospect and that is before taking into account the yearly maintenance costs, Hand-Arm and Whole -Body vibration issues, noise pollution, carcinogenic fumes etc.

Don’t take our word for it though, contact us for a demonstration and see for yourself.


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