Electric BackPack Vacuum Litter Collector

BP-75-E Electric BackPack Vacuum Litter Collector

The BP-75-E Electric BackPack Vacuum Litter Collector is a lightweight yet sturdy Backpack mounted litter collector c/w a 75mm diameter vacuum unit. It is powered by a 50-volt Lithium Ion Battery which makes it quiet and environmentally friendly and can be used for both internal and external cleaning.

It is ideal for areas with limited access. The machine is suitable for picking up small material such as smoking related litter, confectionery litter and broken glass. Run time is 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on usage.

Overton UK also import the Mean Green range of Electric Commercial Mowers. If you would like more information on the electric mowers please visit our website at www.meangreenmowers.co.uk

The video shows the BP-75-E collecting broken glass.

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