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Nimos Mosquito Weedripper

Chemical Free Weed Removal

Weed Removal

We are sure most people will have heard the latest news regarding the impending doom of all insects within a hundred years which will undoubtedly mean the end of mankind. Now this may well be true or it may not and I certainly am not a scientist however what it will mean is that spraying will once again be a bone of contention as every bit of news creates adverse publicity towards chemical weed control.
It is also a fact that most of the latest reports are targeting agriculture with loss of habitat, use of insecticides and herbicides all on a grand scale however it will impact us all and as time progresses chemicals will be more and more limited. So what are the options, we need to cover the ground quickly and efficiently keeping on top of our weeds because although the greater majority of the public do not want to see weedspraying, neither do they want to see jungles of weeds on the street.
The video shows the Nimos Mosquito, which is one solution for some areas and we are happy to demonstrate its capabilities and the advantages it can bring. Contact us for a demonstration


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