Barber Road Rake 200

The Barber Road Rake is new to the UK and is an important machine for safe highway maintenance.  This unique innovative machine will be used to safely, efficiently and effectively remove large litter and debris from Motorways, Hard Shoulders and Trunk Roads after road incidents as well as planned works.  The enhanced efficiency and effectiveness of debris removal through the use of the Road Rake will allow driver disruption to be minimised which will benefit road users.

It is towed by a 7.5 ton truck and can be operated from the cab of the towing vehicle via a remote control box.  The Road Rake ensures that highway maintenance staff do not have to set foot on the carriageway, thus eliminating potential carriageway crossings, live lane working and working on foot. Furthermore, the Road Rake is capable of collecting larger items of debris that sweepers currently in use cannot.

Now for the technical bit…

A 19 hp water-cooled diesel engine powers the hydraulic gutter brush arms and the motors that turn the two gutter brushes and the conveyor belt.  It also powers the cylinders that lift and tip up to 862kg of debris in the bucket to dumping height.  The machine does not require an outside hydraulic power source.  The Road Rake has caster tires and wheels to follow the contour of the road.

The gutter brushes on either side of the machine pull material in front of the stainless steel tines which are mounted on a conveyor and the tines lift and elevate the unwanted debris into the bucket, which can be hydraulically raised and dumped.  The collected material and debris can then be tipped into skip or container.

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