How To Avoid Noise Pollution

Noise can be a contentious issue, even in the most normal of situations. It reminded me of an interesting event that I recently experienced. A party was in full swing at the community centre, during my demonstration of the Mean Green Electric Mower. It was a lovely, warm Spring day and most of the windows in the complex were open.

If I had been cutting grass with a normal petrol or diesel mower, the first reaction would have been the windows slamming shut. Next, residents would then ask me to leave the area. Yet, the windows remained open. Apart from a cursory glance in my direction as I passed by with the mower, there was no other reaction. What a pleasant change it made. Why was this? For one, The Mean Green Electric Mower hardly makes any noise. It also churns out no harmful emissions or carcinogenic fumes.

Imagine the benefits this would have, if you were cutting grass in schools, universities, hospitals or even a crematorium.

If you’re a Contractor, things like this can make your company more attractive than your competition. In any event, it’s great for the environment and healthier for your operatives.